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Agura sitting cross-legged
Aikido The way of harmony with Ki W
Aikidoka someone practicing aikido W
Ashi foot, leg
Ashi Barai foor sweep
Atemi blow to the body W
Awase creating harmony
Barai sweep
Bo log staff (1.82m) W
Bokken Japanese wooden sword W
Bokuto Japanese wooden sword W
Budo The way of war, normally used to reference the japanese martial arts W
Bushido The way of the warrior. The moral code of the samurai stressing frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor unto death. W
Chi earth
Chikara nuku Force without resistance
Choyaku jump
Chu middle
Chudan middle position
Chukyu middle rank
Dan Black belt rank W
Do way W
Do trunk
Dogi training dress W
Dojo place to practice the way (Do) W
Dojocho Head of a Dojo
Dori, Tori grab W
Dosa movement
Doshu keeper of the way, top teacher
Doshu master of the way W
Douchi side blow to the body
Embukai public demonstration of martial arts
en circle
en undo circular movement
Eri collar
Fudoshin Immovable mind W
Funakogi rowing
Funakogi waza rowing exercise
Furusato hometown, parent's home
Futari, Ninin two persons
Gasshuku 宿 Seminar, workshop with lodging
Gedan lower position
Genki Origin Ki - health, vitality
Geri kick
Go five
Go no sen Counter attack
Godan Fifth degree black belt
Gogo no sen counter counter attack
Gokyo Fifth teaching. Basic technique with leading and pinning the forearm
Gokyu 5. Kyu
Gonin five persons
Gyaku reverse, unnatural
Gyakute other hand
Gyakutemochi hold with the opposite hand
Gyoi Emperors clothes
Hachi eight
Hachidan Eightth degree black belt
Hachikyu 8. Kyu
Hachinoji sign of eight
Hagaijime hold elbows from behind
Hai yes
Hajime start, beginning, first time
Hajime start, command to begin W
Hakama divided skirt W
Han half
Handachi half standing
Hantai opposite way
Happo eight directions
Happogiri cut in eight directions
Hara stomach, abdomen W
Hidari left
Hiji elbow
Hitori one person
Hitoriwaza practice by oneself
Hiza knee
hyaku one hundred
Iaido The way of drawing the sword W
Ichi one
Iie no
Ikkyo First teaching. Basic technique with arm pinning
Ikkyu 1. Kyu, highest kyu grade, last grade before dan level
Ji letter, character
Jikkyu 10. Kyu
Jo wooden staff (~127 cm length) W
Jodan upper position
Jodori take Jo
Joho upper direction
Jokyu upper rank
Ju ten
Judo gentle way W
Jujinage throw uke, crossing his arms
Jujutsu art of softness W
Jukendo The art of bayonet fighting W
Kaeshi counter, return
Kaho lower direction
Kaiten rotation
Kaitennage rotation throw
Kakudai expansion
Kamae posture, stance W
Karate art of the empty hand W
Kata form W
Kata shoulder
Katameru hold, fix
Katana Japanese sword W
Katana o nuku unsheathe a sword
Katana o sasu Sheathe a sword
Katate one hand
Katatekosatori take hold of one hand cross-over
Katatetori grab one hand
Katatori shoulder grip
Keikogi training dress, white trousers, jacket and belt W
Ken sword W
Ken fist
Kenbu sword dance W
Kendo Way of the sword W
Kengi sword art
Kenko health
Kenkodo way of health
Kenkotaiso health exercises
Kesa across the chest
Ki no Kenkyukai "Association for the research of Ki" W
Kiai short yell before or during a strike or technique W
Kiri cut
Kiribarai cutting in a sweeping motion
Kirikaeshi counter cut W
Kitei established standard
Kohai junior student W
Koho to the back
Kokoro heart, mind, spirit
Kokyu breathing W
Kokyu-Dosa sitting practice with partner holding with Ryotetori
Kokyuho breathing method
Kokyunage Breath throw
Kosa across
Kosatori cross-over grip
Koshi Hip
Koshin backwards
Koshinwaza exercise of going backwards
Kote forearm
Kotegaeshi turn wrist back
Koteoroshi take forearm down
Kubi neck
Kubishime Choke
Kumi group, set W
Kumitachi sword practice in a couple
Kumiwaza practice in a couple
Kyu Student grade, white belt W
Kyu nine
Kyudo the way of the bow W
Kyukyu 9. Kyu
Maai harmonious distance W
Mae front
Mae Ukemi rolling forward
Maki to curl
Makikaeshi curl reversal throw
Man ten thousand
Men head
Menuchi strike to the front of the head
Michibiki leading
Michibikigaeshi lead back
Migi right
Misogi ritual purification W
Mochi hold
Mokuso meditation W
Mudansha someone without dan grade W
Munatsuki thrust with the fist
Mune chest
Musubi knot, tie, concentration
Nage throw, also used for the one doing the aikido technique W
Nana seven
Nanadan Seventh degree black belt
Nanakyu 7. Kyu
Ni two
Nidan Second degree black belt
Nikyo Second teaching. basic technique with wrist lock
Nikyu 2. Kyu
Ninjutsu The art of endurance W
no of (genitive)
nobinobi lengthen, stretch, reach out, postpone, prolong, extend, grow
Nodo throat
O-Sensei great teacher, used to refer to the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba
Obi Belt W
Omote Front
Omotegei official technique (with sword)
Onshi present
Oroshi downwards
Otomo Attendant to an Instructor
Otoshi dropping
Randori free-style practice or sparring, sometimes with multiple attackers W
Rei bow W
Ritsurei standing bow
Rokkyu 6. Kyu
Roku six
Rokudan Sixth degree black belt
Ronin Samurai with no lord or master W
Ryo both
Ryokatatori grab both shoulders
Ryotemochi grab one hand with both hands
Ryotetori grab both hands
Samurai / Warrior, "who serve in close attendance to the nobility". W
San three
San polite suffix. Used between good friend, when attached to the first name. W
Sandan Third degree black belt
Sankyo Third teaching. Basic technique with turning wrist
Sankyu 3. Kyu
Sannin three persons
Satori enlightenment ("understand") W
Sayu left-right
Seiretsu arrange in a row
Seiza propper Japanese sitting (on knees) W
Sempai senior student W
Sen one thousand
Sen no sen a defensive initiative launched simultaneously with the attack
Senaka back
Sensei born before, teacher, master W
Sensei ni rei bow to the teacher
Sensen no sen an initiative launched in anticipation of an attack where the opponent is fully committed to their attack
Shi four
Shichi seven
Shichikyu 7. Kyu
Shidoin Instructor W
Shihan senior teacher, master instructor W
Shiho four directions
Shihonage four directions throw
Shikko Walking on the feet and knees while in the seiza posture W
Shin Mind
Shin Body
Shin-Shin-Toitsu unification of mind and body
Shin-Shin-Toitsu-Aikido aikido with mind and body unified W
Shinken sword of mind
Shinshin mind and body
Shisei 姿 Posture and attitude
Sho begin, first, new
Shodan First degree black belt
Shokyu starting rank
Shomenuchi direct blow to the head
Sokushin breathing with mind
Soto outside
Suburi repetitive, individual, cutting exercises W
Sudori simply pass
Sumo Japanese wrestling W
Suwari sitting
Suwariwaza technique while sitting
Tachidori take sword
Taigi set of techniques W
Taiso physical exercise, gymnastics
Takemusu concept developed by Morihei Ueshiba of how the ultimate martial art should be W
Tameshigiri test cutting W
Tanden abdomen
Tanin multiple persons
Taninzugake multiple attackers (see also randori)
Tanto knife, dagger, "short sword" W
Tantodori take tanto
Tatami mats W
Te hand
Tekubi wrist
Tekubidori grab wrist
Ten heaven
Tenbin balance
Tenchinage heaven-earth-throw
Tenkan pivot (wrong name for tenshin) W
Tenshin pivot W
Tobikomu jump in
Toitsu unification
Toitsudo way of unification
Tori, Dori take hold, also other name for nage W
Tsuki blow
Tsuzukiwaza set of techniques, performed in a harmonious continuous way W
Uchi inside
Uchi strike, blow
Uchideshi Live-in student, private disciple W
Uchiwa fan W
Uchiwanage fan throw
Ude forearm
Ude Osae control arm
Udefuri shake arms
Uke the one receiving the aikido technique W
Ukemi receiving, falling, rolling W
Undo movement
Ura back side
Uragaeshi inside out, upside down
Uragei hidden arts - techniques without sword
Ushiro backward
Ushiro Ukemi rolling backward
Ushirokatatori grab shoulder from behind
Ushiroryokatatori grab shoulders from behind
Ushirotekubitori grab both wrists from behind
Ushirotori embrace from behind
Wakasensei Young teacher; commonly refers to the son of a master of any art before he becomes the successor.
Wan arm
Waza technique, skill
Yame Stop
Yoko side
Yoko Ukemi rolling sidewards
Yokomen side of the face
Yokomenuchi blow to the side of the head
Yon four
Yondan Forth degree black belt
Yoningake four attackers
Yonkyo Forth teaching. Basic technique with leading and pinning the forearm
Yonkyu 4. Kyu
Yonnin four persons
Yudansha Black belt, or dan holder
Zagi sitting technique
Zanshin state of awareness W
Zarei sitting bow
Zempo forward
Zemponage forward throw
Zengo forward backward
zenshin forward
Zori Japanese sandals W