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Date City ( Country ) Instructor Contact Further information
29.07.16-03.08.16 Baske Ostarije,Velebit (HR) Doshu Yoshigasaki Aikido društvo Zagreb  Info: DE, EN, FR, IT  
05.08.16-10.08.16 Drunen (NL) Doshu Yoshigasaki Ki-Aikido Centrum s'Hertogenbosch  Summer Seminar, Info 
14.08.16-20.08.16 Herzogenhorn (DE) Doshu Yoshigasaki Ki und Aikido e.V.  Info: DE, EN 
20.08.16-27.08.16 Bosco Gurin, Ticino (CH) Doshu Yoshigasaki Ki Aikido Associazione Ticinese  Info: IT, EN, FR, DE 
23.09.16-25.09.16 Figline-Valdarno (IT) Doshu Yoshigasaki    
01.10.16-03.10.16 Berlin (DE) Doshu Yoshigasaki Aikido im PSV Berlin  Info 
08.10.16-09.10.16 Heidelberg (DE) Doshu Yoshigasaki Ki und Aikido Dojo Heidelberg   
14.10.16-16.10.16 Haigerloch (DE) Doshu Yoshigasaki Ki Aikido Haigerloch e.V.   
21.10.16-23.10.16 Burton (GB) Doshu Yoshigasaki Burton Ki Society  Transport from/to London  
18.11.16-20.11.16 Balerna (CH) Doshu Yoshigasaki Ki Aikido Associazione Ticinese  Info 
02.12.16-04.12.16 Stuttgart (DE) Doshu Yoshigasaki Ki-Aikido Dojo Stuttgart   
28.12.16-30.12.16 Mülheim (DE) Doshu Yoshigasaki Aikido Dojo Infinity Moves e.V.   

Hints: Entries in which the city is marked red, are younger than 14 days. All dates may change, so it is advised to contact the organizer before travelling.