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Hint - There is a new list of the misogi seminars only: - Hint

Date City ( Country ) Instructor Contact Further information
30.10.20-01.11.20 Nürnberg (DE) Doshu Yoshigasaki AIKIDO - Dojo am Fluss
Ki & Aikido Dojo Kassel e.V. 
06.11.20-08.11.20 Prag (CZ) Bernhard Boll Aikidó Praha Libuš  Cancelled  
07.11.20-08.11.20 Köln (DE) Gianni Gioconto Ki und Aikido Dojo Köln e.V.  Info 
20.11.20-22.11.20 Burton (GB) Doshu Yoshigasaki Burton Ki Society   
21.11.20-22.11.20 Berlin (DE) Doshu Yoshigasaki Ki & Aikido Berlin  Mainly Jo and Bokken training.  

Hints: Entries in which the city is marked red, are younger than 14 days. All dates may change, so it is advised to contact the organizer before travelling.