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The Aikido-Dojo Erlangen publishes its

List of Recommended books for ambitious Aikidoka

Samuel BeckettWaiting for Sankyo
J. R. R. TolkienLord of the Tatami
Michael ChrichtonAikido Park
Robert Louis StevensonKi- Island
Master Takuan Zen and the art of making potato salad without potatoes
Franz Alt Practicing is possible
Antoine de St.-ExupéryThe little Nage
Erik van LustbaderShikko
Gabriel Garcia-Marquez100 years seiza
Douglas AdamsThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Dojo
Eugen Roth An Uke
Jean-Paul SartreThe Myth of Aikido
Jules VerneJourney to the Centre of the Universe
Betty MahmoodyNot without my Dogi
Umberto EcoThe Name of the Uke
John SteinbeckEast of Practice
Of Ukes and Nages
Edgar Allan PoeThe Fall in the Randori
Ambrose BierceIncident in the Dojo
N.H. KleinbaumDead Senseis' Society
John le CarréThe sensei who came in from the cold
Carlos CastanedaThe Teachings of Yoshigasaki
Arthur HaileyTatami
Harper LeeTo disturb the training
Isabel AllendeThe Dojo of Spirits
Molière L'Uke imaginaire
Arthur MillerDeath of an Aikidoka
Noah GordonThe Sensei
Jonathan Swift Yoshigasaki's Travels
Allan SillitoeThe Loneliness of the Meditating
Gustave FlaubertThe Education of Ki
Jean de la FontaineThe Taigi
Fiedrich SchillerCollected Techniques
Stephen W. HawkingA short history of Ki
Aldous HuxleyBrave New Technique
Ray BradburyTaigi 451
George OrwellThe Ki-Machine
Alexandre DumasThe three Aikidoka
Nathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Hakama
James D. SalingerThe Uke in the Rye
Friedrich Schiller The Misogi-Bells
Francoise Sagan Bonjour Sensei
Koichi ToheiKneeling in daily life
Karl Marx The Aikido Manifesto
Herbert W. FrankeThe Tatami Planet
Frederik Hetman Aikido Tales
Tom ClancyHunt for the Black Belt
Aristoteles De Aikidibus
Ostrander/Schröder Super-Extending
Marion Zimmer-BradleyThe Mists of Ki No Sato

How to get hold of these works of literature should be obvious to everyone, therefore no sources are mentioned here.

Some of the books - and some others have been turned into films...

Hunt for the Black Belt (with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery)
The Tatami Planet
Brave New Technique
Taigi 451
The Ki-Machine
The three Aikidoka
The Scarlet Hakama
Indiana Jones and the Dojo of Death
The Third Uke (with Orson Wells)
Searching the Golden Bokken (with Eddie Murphy)
James Bond: License to Sankyo (with Roger Moore)
Asterix and the Master's unbendable arm
The Aikido-Turtles strike again
Nikkyo (with Steven Seagal)
Stephen King's Randori of Horrors
Walt Disney's funny world of Aikido
Ki-Quest (with Roy Scheider)
Dances with Senseis (with Kevin Costner)
Conan, the Aikidoka (with Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Training of no return (with Liz Taylor and John Wayne)
A Dogi for two (with Doris Day)
Aikido Academy 1 - 20

Some of you might have noticed that some books and films from the German list are missing in this more international one. This is partly because I felt that either the titles were typically German (in their reference in the world of film or the world of Aikido) or simply because I didn't find the English titles of the books or films or because only the German title was suitable for a slight adaptation into the world of aikido...

Copyright © 1998 Marion und Helmut Schweinzer