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[all] A D K M N O R S U W Y
Aikidoka someone practicing aikido W
Dojocho Head of a Dojo
Doshu keeper of the way, top teacher
Doshu master of the way W
Kohai junior student W
Mudansha someone without dan grade W
Nage throw, also used for the one doing the aikido technique W
O-Sensei great teacher, used to refer to the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba
Otomo Attendant to an Instructor
Ronin Samurai with no lord or master W
Samurai / Warrior, "who serve in close attendance to the nobility". W
San polite suffix. Used between good friend, when attached to the first name. W
Sempai senior student W
Sensei born before, teacher, master W
Shidoin Instructor W
Shihan senior teacher, master instructor W
Uchideshi Live-in student, private disciple W
Uke the one receiving the aikido technique W
Wakasensei Young teacher; commonly refers to the son of a master of any art before he becomes the successor.
Yudansha Black belt, or dan holder