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For all Misogi Seminars you need to register to participate. Please contact the organizer.

Date City ( Country ) Instructor Contact Further information
10.02.23-12.02.23 Zagreb (HR) Marijan Kudrna Kuća Aikida Zagreb  Misogi - Info 
28.04.23-01.05.23 Furusato (BE) Heike Howein AIKIDO - Dojo am Fluss  Misogi - Info 
02.06.23-04.06.23 Furusato (BE) Eugène du Long Ki-Aikido Centrum s'Hertogenbosch  Misogi - Info 
22.09.23-24.09.23 Furusato (BE) Eugène du Long Ki-Aikido Centrum Veen  Misogi - Info 

Hints: Entries in which the city is marked red, are younger than 14 days. All dates may change, so it is advised to contact the organizer before travelling.