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Samurai / Warrior, "who serve in close attendance to the nobility". W
San three
San polite suffix. Used between good friend, when attached to the first name. W
Sandan Third degree black belt
Sankyo Third teaching. Basic technique with turning wrist
Sankyu 3. Kyu
Sannin three persons
Satori enlightenment ("understand") W
Sayu left-right
Seiretsu arrange in a row
Seitaiho exercises to correct your own posture W
Seiza propper Japanese sitting (on knees) W
Sempai senior student W
Sen one thousand
Sen no sen a defensive initiative launched simultaneously with the attack
Senaka back
Sensei born before, teacher, master W
Sensei ni rei bow to the teacher
Sensen no sen an initiative launched in anticipation of an attack where the opponent is fully committed to their attack
Shi four
Shichi seven
Shichikyu 7. Kyu
Shidoin Instructor W
Shihan senior teacher, master instructor W
Shiho four directions
Shihonage four directions throw
Shikko Walking on the feet and knees while in the seiza posture W
Shin Mind
Shin Body
Shin Shin Toitsu Do way of mind and body unification W
Shin-Shin-Toitsu unification of mind and body
Shin-Shin-Toitsu-Aikido aikido with mind and body unified W
Shinken sword of mind
Shinshin mind and body
Shisei 姿 Posture and attitude
Sho begin, first, new
Shodan First degree black belt
Shoden first Ki Dan
Shokyu starting rank
Shomenuchi direct blow to the head
Sokushin breathing with mind
Sotaiho method to affect the body of another person
Soto outside
Suburi repetitive, individual, cutting exercises W
Sudori simply pass
Sumo Japanese wrestling W
Suwari sitting
Suwariwaza technique while sitting