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Aikido The way of harmony with Ki W
Atemi blow to the body W
Awase creating harmony
Bushido The way of the warrior. The moral code of the samurai stressing frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor unto death. W
Chi earth
Chikara nuku Force without resistance
Choyaku jump
Chu middle
Do way W
Dojo place to practice the way (Do) W
Dosa movement
Embukai public demonstration of martial arts
en circle
en undo circular movement
Funakogi rowing
Funakogi waza rowing exercise
Furusato hometown, parent's home
Gasshuku 宿 Seminar, workshop with lodging
Genki Origin Ki - health, vitality
Gyoi Emperors clothes
Hachinoji sign of eight
Hai yes
Hajime start, beginning, first time
Hajime start, command to begin W
Han half
Handachi half standing
Hitori one person
Hitoriwaza practice by oneself
Iie no
Ji letter, character
Kaiten rotation
Kata form W
Katameru hold, fix
Katana o nuku unsheathe a sword
Katana o sasu Sheathe a sword
Kenbu sword dance W
Kenko health
Kenkotaiso health exercises
Ki no Kenkyukai "Association for the research of Ki" W
Kiai short yell before or during a strike or technique W
Kitei established standard
Kokoro heart, mind, spirit
Kokyuho breathing method
Kumi group, set W
Kumiwaza practice in a couple
Mae Ukemi rolling forward
Maki to curl
Michibiki leading
Michibikigaeshi lead back
Migi right
Misogi ritual purification W
Mokuso meditation W
Musubi knot, tie, concentration
Nage throw, also used for the one doing the aikido technique W
no of (genitive)
nobinobi lengthen, stretch, reach out, postpone, prolong, extend, grow
Omotegei official technique (with sword)
Onshi present
Otomo Attendant to an Instructor
Randori free-style practice or sparring, sometimes with multiple attackers W
Rei bow W
Ritsurei standing bow
Ronin Samurai with no lord or master W
Ryo both
Samurai / Warrior, "who serve in close attendance to the nobility". W
Satori enlightenment ("understand") W
Sayu left-right
Seiretsu arrange in a row
Seitaiho exercises to correct your own posture W
Sensei ni rei bow to the teacher
Shin Body
Shin-Shin-Toitsu-Aikido aikido with mind and body unified W
Shinshin mind and body
Sho begin, first, new
Sokushin breathing with mind
Sotaiho method to affect the body of another person
Suburi repetitive, individual, cutting exercises W
Sudori simply pass
Suwariwaza technique while sitting
Taigi set of techniques W
Taiso physical exercise, gymnastics
Taninzugake multiple attackers (see also randori)
Tatami mats W
Teate touching with the hand
Teateho Help the body by touching with the hand
Ten heaven
Tenbin balance
Tobikomu jump in
Toitsu unification
Toitsudo way of unification
Tsuzukiwaza set of techniques, performed in a harmonious continuous way W
Uchiwa fan W
Udefuri shake arms
Uke the one receiving the aikido technique W
Ukemi receiving, falling, rolling W
Undo movement
Uragei hidden arts - techniques without sword
Ushiro Ukemi rolling backward
Waza technique, skill
Yame Stop
Yoko Ukemi rolling sidewards
Zagi sitting technique
Zanshin state of awareness W
Zarei sitting bow
Zengo forward backward
Zenshinundo forward movement
Zenshinwaza forward exercise