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Aikido The way of harmony with Ki W
Atemi blow to the body W
Awase creating harmony
Bushido The way of the warrior. The moral code of the samurai stressing frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor unto death. W
Chi earth
Chikara nuku Force without resistance
Choyaku jump
Chu middle
Do way W
Dojo place to practice the way (Do) W
Dosa movement
Embukai public demonstration of martial arts
en circle
en undo circular movement
Funakogi rowing
Funakogi waza rowing exercise
Furusato hometown, parent's home
Gasshuku 宿 Seminar, workshop with lodging
Genki Origin Ki - health, vitality
Gyoi Emperors clothes
Hachinoji sign of eight
Hai yes
Hajime start, beginning, first time
Hajime start, command to begin W
Han half
Handachi half standing
Hitori one person
Hitoriwaza practice by oneself
Iie no
Ji letter, character
Kaiten rotation
Kata form W
Katameru hold, fix
Katana o nuku unsheathe a sword
Katana o sasu Sheathe a sword
Kenbu sword dance W
Kenko health
Kenkotaiso health exercises
Ki no Kenkyukai "Association for the research of Ki" W
Kiai short yell before or during a strike or technique W
Kitei established standard
Kokoro heart, mind, spirit
Kokyuho breathing method
Kumi group, set W
Kumiwaza practice in a couple
Mae Ukemi rolling forward
Maki to curl
Michibiki leading
Michibikigaeshi lead back
Migi right
Misogi ritual purification W
Mokuso meditation W
Musubi knot, tie, concentration
Nage throw, also used for the one doing the aikido technique W
no of (genitive)
nobinobi lengthen, stretch, reach out, postpone, prolong, extend, grow
Omotegei official technique (with sword)
Onshi present
Otomo Attendant to an Instructor
Randori free-style practice or sparring, sometimes with multiple attackers W
Rei bow W
Ritsurei standing bow
Ronin Samurai with no lord or master W
Ryo both
Samurai / Warrior, "who serve in close attendance to the nobility". W
Satori enlightenment ("understand") W
Sayu left-right
Seiretsu arrange in a row
Sensei ni rei bow to the teacher
Shin Body
Shin-Shin-Toitsu-Aikido aikido with mind and body unified W
Shinshin mind and body
Sho begin, first, new
Sokushin breathing with mind
Suburi repetitive, individual, cutting exercises W
Sudori simply pass
Suwariwaza technique while sitting
Taigi set of techniques W
Taiso physical exercise, gymnastics
Taninzugake multiple attackers (see also randori)
Tatami mats W
Ten heaven
Tenbin balance
Tobikomu jump in
Toitsu unification
Toitsudo way of unification
Tsuzukiwaza set of techniques, performed in a harmonious continuous way W
Uchiwa fan W
Udefuri shake arms
Uke the one receiving the aikido technique W
Ukemi receiving, falling, rolling W
Undo movement
Uragei hidden arts - techniques without sword
Ushiro Ukemi rolling backward
Waza technique, skill
Yame Stop
Yoko Ukemi rolling sidewards
Zagi sitting technique
Zanshin state of awareness W
Zarei sitting bow
Zengo forward backward
Zenshinundo forward movement
Zenshinwaza forward exercise